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How do you make our customers happy?

At bol.com we run hundreds of experiments per year and our ambition is to scale up to thousands of experiments per year. Experiments are executed by product teams within the organization. As Team Experimentation we support those teams in every step in their experimentation journey. Our mission is to make it ridiculously easy for everyone within bol.com to run experiments.

Bol.com is like a candy store regarding data. On the webshop/app we have millions of visitors per day, but we also have services and processes in place with less data points, which we want to improve. We are looking for an expert who will contribute to transform this data into knowledge to be used by whole bol.com. Are you a data-expert with an entrepreneurial mindset? Then we want to welcome you to our team!


Your responsibilities as a Data Analyst within Team Experimentation

  • Advise teams about the right metrics to use and the right way to retrieve the values of those metrics from our data sets.
  • Advise teams about the right method for analyzing their experiments.
  • Challenge teams in their experiment approach; if they ask you a question, be sure that they ask you the right question.
  • Contribute to the team when it comes to maintaining and developing our automated calculations, like running time estimations and hypothesis tests.
  • Think along with teams that do not have the ability to do an A/B-test in how they can validate the impact of their changes. For example support them in their data-analysis of a quasi-experiment (eg. before/after analysis).

Your profile

  • You are a strong statistician
  • You have strong SQL skills
  • You have professional experience in data analysis.
  • You are able to influence others when it comes to analyzing data.
  • You are comfortable coaching others, explaining the best way to analyze and evaluate experiments.
  • You are enthusiastic to work in a team that supports other teams on a daily basis.
  • You are willing to learn new technical skills in the Data Science domain

Why you can have impact

Because you can give support to all different teams within the organization, you can make colleagues better at all different departments. Helping optimize the algorithm for order picking in the warehouses, the best match between a customer case and a customer service agent, whether we should offer a customer post payment or not, which products we should recommend based on customer behavior, and so on. The teams are responsible for making their product better, as a member of Team Experimentation you support them on their journey.

The Experimentation Team

Team Experimentation is like a small start up within bol.com. We support the whole organization in becoming smarter and we empower them with the ability to perform experiments and document their outcome. The team is cross functional and multidisciplinary, being formed by a product manager, software engineers and data engineers. We are responsible for providing the tools for creating, running and evaluating experiments and the consultancy for doing that in a significant way.

This team also won the 2021 Culture of Experimentation Team Award.

The largest shopping platform in the Netherlands & Belgium
Size:  1001-5000 employees
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Kevin Anderson
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Help to make it ridiculously easy for everyone within bol.com to run experiments.